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Hello, my name is Joey and I am an artist from Montreal. The Ikigai tree story started two years ago when I was on the train coming back home from school. It was a time of my life when I was realizing that there is so much more to life than just chasing money. I just wanted one thing. I wanted to be happy…like truly happy. I realized that the only way for me to reach that happiness is to pursue my dreams. What makes me the happiest person in the world is when I take a creative idea that is in my head and make it into reality. I can't express how much joy and pride it brings to myself. It's the best feeling in the world. Anyway, continuing with my story, I was on the train and it was a beautiful autumn day. I had just read about Steven Izen’s success with the Lokai bracelet idea and felt inspired to start my own bracelet idea. So, I started thinking and imagining what could be a cool and unique concept. I remember very well, it was a sunny day and I was looking out the window of the train. I saw these beautiful trees with different colors and the idea struck me. A four seasons bracelet idea! A bracelet for each season with beads having the color of the season and a charm having a sign that represents the season. I felt so excited about this concept. After arriving at my station, I rushed back home to start my research. I decided to use natural gemstones for my beads because of all the range of beautiful colored gemstones that exist. For the charms though, it was much more complex to figure out. I never planned to make them myself. I had spoken with a company to make my designs and they rejected my quote. I then realized that it was going to be very complicated and expensive to find a company to make my designs. I finally decided to trust in my creative abilities and set out to make these charms myself. After a lot of research, I discovered metal clay, which is an awesome product to work with if ever you want to design something out of metal. It was hard at the beginning to understand this material and how it works, but eventually with practice, I became better and better. A year and a half later of ups and downs, I made my final leaf charm and sent it to a Montreal casting company to make a mold for, reproduce it in pewter and plate it in silver and gold. And here we are today! :) 


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